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Whether you dream of a contemporary, classical, or international theme for your hotel, shop, office, or home, OT Design can transform your concept into a reality, from beginning to end.


Based in Tripoli, Lebanon, OT Design has stood out, since its 2003 inception, as a unique provider of tailor-made, ergonomically designed furniture, built according to our high standards and your desired specifications. Through our own furniture factory, four branches, and quality manufacturing and design partners, we provide comprehensive solutions to create interiors for any space and style, supported by several collections to inspire you as you choose your unique surroundings.



We are present at every stage of execution to monitor and coordinate all facets of the project from the initial consultation to post-delivery.


Our in-house designers begin with the concept that defines your vision, or help you to discover it, based on which, they devise a study of the space size and type, location, proportions, function, design, timeframe and cost that best suit your needs. All designs are based on the seven elements of design—form, mass, shape, line, color, texture and pattern—working in concert with a fresh and creative outlook.



All OT-Design collections meticulously balance design techniques, relative to each collection style, to bring out the best look and feel to your space.


Design elements include: fabrics, textures, color palettes, patterns, motifs, shapes, concepts, layouts, furniture, lighting, wall coverings, art, accents and several others.


An elaborate conceptual process entails the implementation of a virtual scheme that includes space planning, adaptive re-use or whatever the space requires.



The understated elegance of this design style draws on a medley of modern Nordic influences as well as classical Greek revival and hints of Robert Adam design styles. Its refreshingly simple, yet sophisticated ambiance has versatile applications to most periods and influences.



Inspired by the spicy aromas of the Mideast and northern Africa, this Arabesque design seamlessly incorporates the vivid Moroccan blue, red and purple hues, with the earthy tones of the Mideast, with its auburn, taupe and mustard blends. The use of natural textures, ceramics, tapestry and wooden accents exudes the quintessential hospitality of the region.



Drawing on a combination of ancient principles and modern convenience, this collection conveys the exotic elegance and durability of Asian décor that has been esteemed around the world, for so long. We create diverse arrangements that reflect the decorative features of several cultures, like the ornate lacquers and silks of China, the serene and lustrous pearl motifs of Japan with the contrasting rich mahoganies and breezy bamboos of Indonesia.



Designed for an efficient age, the Contemporary line emphasizes tranquility, beauty and functionality. By combining innovative design elements with natural fibers and neutral colors, the décor emanates a sense of style, order and comfort for a truly trendy space.


Art Deco

Reminiscent of the Roaring Twenties, Art Deco’s lasting hold continues in the new millennium. Offering highly stylized features, this line appeals to the retro crowds with its industrial materials like stainless steel and sleek geometric forms harmoniously dotted with eclectic artifacts.




The fundamental style, from which the world has borrowed the term “décor”, French interior design exemplifies the sophisticated classical line of lavish velvets and ornate frames, large bookcases and silken upholstery, suggesting the ambiance of a rural French chateau… Our multifaceted French designs also include the rustic charm of nouveau-worn elements, seamlessly woven with today’s practical and attractive accessories. Bright, floral patterns and distressed wood adorn comfortable living rooms that convey the feel of a cozy cottage.



Solid colors combine with period furniture to accentuate this unique line. Typically structured, classical English interiors use visual balance, drawing on the classical orders of architecture especially to create peaceful settings in wood-paneled libraries, bedrooms and drawing rooms. The furniture is refined yet functional, some hand-made, and uses dark woods and floral Victorian elements that expresses a warm and cozy feel.



Nothing says versatile like American interiors, which can be dazzling and uncluttered at once; they can be composed of an eclectic ensemble or harmonized into a single category. The neoclassical American lines run the gamut from a trace of traditional Americana and a bit of Mission approach, to contemporary sleek and stylish functional lines that may draw on a Frank Lloyd Wright vision of geometric shapes or a gathering of international flavors.



OT Design has carried out projects in the Middle East, the Americas and Africa, below are a few of the commercial and private properties we have carried out.


Safir Hotel, Kuwait – design and execution

Merion Hotel, Nigeria-design and execution

Muscat Security Market, Oman-design and execution

Salalah Amphitheater, Oman-design and execution

Al Houta Cave, Oman- design and execution



Safir Hotel and Residences, Fintas, Kuwait

We began the turnkey redesigning and refurnishing project of this 4-star hotel, in 2006. The work entailed reshaping the façade, designing the layout and décor of the interior, including the lobby, elevators, conference halls, all the rooms, the rooftop pool, coffee shop and five restaurants. We reformulated the circulation functions for maximum efficiency and supplied all of the hotel’s operational equipment. We devised an interior décor concept that encompassed the hotel’s personality and vision, and selected every item of décor to blend into this central theme, for optimal comfort and beauty.


Merion Guest House, Lagos, Nigeria

OT Design refinished the exterior and interior of this 60-room hotel, in 2007. The turnkey project consisted of an external as well as an interior concept design and furnishings, including fabrics and curtains.


Intishar Holding offices – Kuwait

Concept design implementation of the offices


Cell House – Lebanon

Concept and design of a mobile phone shop



Concept design and execution of a telecommunications service




Design and execution projects

Al-Jarallah villa – Kuwait

Al-Wazzan residence – Lebanon

Al-Ghanim residence – Lebanon

Al-Olayan residence – Lebanon

Al-Saquaabi villa – Lebanon and Kuwait

Barjis residence – Lebanon

Odaymat villa – Ghana

A Tifouny villa – Kuwait



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